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Nowadays, Online Marketplace is the new trend and Webkul Marketplace is a perfect module which converts your Online Store into a complete online marketplace shop. E-commerce allows suppliers to be closer to their customers, resulting in increased productivity and competitiveness for companies; as a result, the consumer is benefited with an improvement in quality service, resulting in greater proximity, as well as a more efficient pre and post-sales support.

For example, Crate and Barrel in November announced the launch of a marketplace featuring highly curated” items from third-party sellers — products that complement the home goods and furnishings retailer’s existing merchandise mix, complete with some exclusives.

Feature-loaded, we’re betting that this an open source ecommerce solution to keep an eye on. Tomato Cart has conquered many of the problems other platforms face – it’s versatile, SEO friendly, content marketing ready, works with multiple payment gateways, includes multiple marketing features, and even includes a decent (not stellar) analytics program.

Preferrably, the Brand Management and Marketing Communication Network of the present invention is realized as an industrial-strength brand management and marketing communication network that is sufficiently scalable to support the brand marketing communications industry in much the same way as AT&Ts public telephone switching network (PTSN) serves millions of companies throughout the world.

Stores / Retailers: Small vendors, without the budget or marketing ability to set up their own eCommerce website, by lining up themselves with a larger and known business, can profit visibility and, in some cases, utilize the marketplace’s fulfillment options.

The network enables brand management team members to attach the Uniform Resource Locators (or URLs) to brand-building information resources on the Web, to these Product Data Strings (UPN/TM/PD) or Service Data Strings (USN/SM/SD), to produce Product Data Links (UPN/TM/PD/URL) or Service Data Links (USN/SM/SD/URL), as the case may be.

Setting up an ecommerce website is not the hassle and expense that it once used to be. With applications and tools like Selz, Ecwid and Squarespace, you can get your bricks and mortar business online in no time, even if you don’t have any technical IT skills or knowledge.

Nice article specially for beginners.Starting any e-commerce business is really hard.A proper planning is required to start an online business.After that make a website which is attract more customers make your website attractive with modern design techniques.

Third Party Checkouts are common solutions for businesses who simply want to sell a few things on their website without the hassle of setting up a custom eCommerce solution and who don’t want to bother with maintaining software or worry about privacy and security.

Observing a shift from offline retail to eretail many independent offline retail stores have started tying up with ecommerce companies to sell their products and marginalize their income, this is where the concept of the marketplace comes in. A marketplace connects Sellers and Buyers and provide one-stop solution for companies wishing to offer their products for sale.

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